Consumers Association of Penang

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How to complain to CAP

Consumers who want to make complaints are welcome to do so. Download the complaint form and fill in all the particulars required. You should state your complaint briefly but clearly, giving all the relevant information.

We expect consumers to have tried to resolve the complaint on their own. If you have not done this, you should do it first. Many complaints can be settled this way. But if you have tried and failed, tell us exactly what you had done.

Your complaint must be supported by relevant information, e.g. invoices, bills, receipts, repair or service documents. Where you may not have such documents, e.g. if your complaint is about a bus or taxi service, you must state the date, time location of incident and most importantly the vehicle registration number.

The complaint form duly filled in and signed, together with clear photocopies of the relevant documents, should be sent by e-mail to or fax to:

The Consumers Association of Penang,
No. 10, Jalan Masjid Negeri,
11600 Penang.
(Fax no. 04-8298109).

We endeavour to resolve consumers’ complaints, but do not guarantee that every complaint can be resolved. There is also no time-frame for resolving complaints as their nature and complexity vary.

Sometimes after receiving a letter from us, the party complained against may choose to deal directly with the complainant and resolve the matter. If this happen the consumer must give his co-operation and inform us so that we can close our file.

Getting help from CAP

What happens when you complain to Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)? The issue could be about anything, from poor quality products or services to tenancy or pollution. What action can CAP take?

Why complain?

complaintIf you unpack your newly bought dress and find that it not the same as that advertised in the catalogue, would you complain?  Or if your brand new  toaster keeps burning your bread, would you complain? Or would you have kept quiet and done nothing?

Excuses, excuses

Though more people are now willing to complain when they feel injustice has been done, they are still a minority.

How to make an effective complaint

Now that you know your legal rights as a consumer, how do you go about redressing your grievance? In this part, we show you how to state your case clearly, and how to deal with the other party’s evasive tactics. In addition, we show you how to seek legal redress using the small claims court where you don’t need legal representation.