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Making a contract - What are your obligations and rights

You purchase goods from a shop and walk away. It seems a simple transaction. In fact, however, you have just engaged in a contractual exchange. Contracts are created not only when you sign some agreement but also whenever you buy goods and services.

Having the Work Done on Time

If a time frame is specified (advertised as “within 24 hours”, for example) and it is not fulfilled, the tradesman is breaching the Trade Descriptions Act 1972. You, as a client, have the right to ask for a refund.

Reasonable Standard of Work

If the standard of work is not up to a reasonable level, you can claim all or part of your money back. That was what Ramlan Badawi of Sandakan, Sabah did.

Hire-purchase and easy-payment schemes

Buying on instalment seems easy and affordable - you make a small deposit, take home the item and continue paying monthly instalments. But as many borrowers have found out too late, monthly instalment payments can give rise to many problems.

Abandoned housing projects - Who Suffers & What Can be Done?

Buyers are the worst affected when a housing project is abandoned. They have to start payment for their housing loans although they have yet to stay in their new house. Even if the housing project is long abandoned, the monthly payments have to be honoured. If they default on payment, the unfortunate house-buyers would be fined or sued. Browsing the Ministry of Housing and Local Government’s records since 1990 till 2005, we find that the problem of abandoned housing project is indeed serious. Whatever the root cause — whether on the house-buyers’, Ministry’s or developer’s part — it has to be resolved.