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The burden of literacy

Any knowledge system that does not build on the collective wisdom of the past is bound to fall short of the demands placed upon it.

Added school fee problems for parents

CAP is disturbed at the wide range of additional school fees that are permitted to be charged at individual schools — even going over RM100 and more.

Processing people to serve industry

Human beings are being used as the principal raw material for the growth and expansion of industrial society, says the writer. Thus, education for example has come to mean the production of workers with skills demanded by industry.

Helping your child to see through advertising hype

Television can be an important learning tool for your children, but it must be used with the greatest care. As part of the television "picture", advertising can provide your children with a great deal of information about the world around them. But, it must always be remembered that children need close parental guidance when it comes to advertising.