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Pedestrians have rights too

As you are walking along the pedestrian five-foot-ways, your way is suddenly obstructed forcing you to sidestep onto a busy road, with speeding vehicles.

For many, obstructions along these five-foot-ways have become a normal sight and are often ignored. But these very same obstructions could involve you and your family in terrible road accidents.

When caretakers become abusers

CAP is disturbed to note the abuse of individuals at the Taman Sinar Harapan home – a government-run shelter - in Kuala Kubu Baru. Just as appalling to learn is that children at the home are apparently fed cough mixture, which causes drowsiness, to keep them in a docile state.

How to solve massive jams on Penang Bridge

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is extremely disappointed at the negligence which caused the traffic chaos at the Penang Bridge in February this year.

The accident which involved a crane tipping over while lifting a demolished retaining wall on the bridge caused a massive traffic jam with thousands of motorists being stranded in their vehicles for up to eight hours.

The accident caused one of the two lanes of the bridge to be blocked which in turn gave rise to massive traffic congestion at entry points to the bridge at Gelugor, Bayan Lepas and the Jelutong Expressway. Traffic became more congested when one of the two cranes sent to assist in resolving the accident broke down.

We must be made to feel safe and secure

Crime has reached an epidemic level in this country with an increase of 13.36%  in 2007. This has caused general fear and insecurity amongst the people. Based on the statistics from the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), the increase is astounding as it depicts a rise from 209,388 cases in 2006 to 224,298 in 2007 alone.

We cannot but be even more concerned and astonished by the breakdown of the crime incidences. Violent crimes have escalated from 44,016 cases in 2006 to 49,897 in 2007; property crimes have escalated from 165,372 in 2006 to 174,401 in 2007. There is also an increase in rape cases by nearly 30% from 2,454 cases in 2006 to 3,177 cases in 2007; an increase of 723 cases or 29.46%.

CCTVs won't solve violence problem

CAP is concerned at the violence that seems to be taking root in our society and manifesting itself in various ugly forms. Transgressions that are perpetrated these days rivet the attention of the nation by their innovation and sheer brutality.

It is all the more disturbing when youngsters are involved. These children seem to be getting increasingly vicious – finding new ways to inflict pain on their peers, teachers and parents. Even teenagers and those in their early twenties are being detained for crimes such as assaults, murder and rape.