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Fast Food Chains Must Stop Feeding Us with Meats Sourced from Antibiotic-Fed Animals

On the occasion of World Consumers Rights Day the Consumers Association of Penang calls on the authorities to ban the use of antibiotics in animal feed.

We also call on the fast food chains to stop feeding Malaysians with meats sourced from antibiotic-fed farm animals.

Antioxidants – Food’s amazing healing powers

broccoliThere's something magic in food that can save you from virtually every disease and it’s described in one word: antioxidants. Here’s what everyone should know about this miracle food substance.
Antioxidants are basically nature’s anti-ageing medicine. It protects against free radical damage in the body. Free radicals are unstable, high-energy, electrically charged molecules that can damage DNA and cell membranes. Cell damage of this sort could increase the risk of cancer and countless other illnesses.

What our ancestors knew about food

Our early ancestors ate plants and fruits that had therapeutic effect on the body as well as providing nutrition. Since the dawn of civilisation, man has relied on the forests, fields and gardens for medicines.

Foods to prevent cancer

Taking supplements does nothing to fight cancer. In some cases, some supplements can be downright unsafe.  In January 2009, an editorial in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) noted that most trials had shown no cancer benefits from vitamins.  Several large credible studies, including research into the effects of Vitamins C and E and beta carotene, found the supplements did not seem to help prevent cancer.

Foods to prevent heart disease

Many supplements do not thwart heart disease. This has been demonstrated in several studies. Instead, easily available foods are proven to have a greater potential for preventing heart diseases.