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This Video Makes Grocery Shopping Feel Like A Scene In A Horror Film

The food system that has come about exists only to feed us. Is this what you imagined it would look like?


A well-shot window into the industrial food system, which many of us are not aware of.  Watch video here.

Ensure food safety at 9 day vegetarian festival

Come Saturday 5th October 2013, the Buddhist and Hindu communities will start the observance of going strictly vegetarian for 9 days.
Around this time, apart from vegetarian restaurants, we can see many temporary stalls being set up throughout the country selling vegetarian food.  Some of these stalls are situated in open areas where food is exposed to road dust and flies.

Take food poisoning cases seriously!

Regular nationwide food checks needed urgently

It is indeed depressing and saddening to read news reports about the loss of 3 lives and 60 others hospitalized due to food poisoning after they had consumed food served at a wedding kenduri last Saturday in Kedah.

The cause of the poisoning has still not been ascertained but it is believed that it was due to contamination.

Don't take horse meat scare lightly


CAP calls on all Malaysians not to take the horse meat scare rocking Europe lightly and to refrain from eating meat products especially burgers, salami, sausages, and canned meat until the authorities can guarantee that the meat is free from any form of contamination.

Review approval of genetically modified foods

CAP calls on the Malaysian government to review four genetically modified (GM) events that have been approved for human and animal consumption in the light of latest findings that reveal potential human and animal toxicity.