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44 teaspoons of sugar in a cinema sized Coca Cola, confirms Coke executive

A COCA-Cola executive has admitted a can of Coke has "unnecessary" amounts of sugar and "things need to change" to reduce serving sizes.

Coca-Cola's European president admitted that some customers "don't realise" how much sugar is in the soft drink giant's drinks.


CAP and SAM join NGOs from 40 countries urging Dentsply to Stop Toxic Trade in Dental Amalgam

With a treaty on mercury to be signed next month, concern is growing that toxic mercury fillings will be dumped into developing nations.  In a letter to U.S. manufacturer Dentsply, 62 health, social justice, and environmental groups from 40 nations and six continents ask its president, Bret Wise, to cease selling dental amalgam to developing nations.

Control the sale of steroids

CAP urges the government to take measures to control the easy availability and widespread use of steroids by consumers without prescription from a doctor.

Based on a media report, almost 18,000 youths may be exposed to health problems as the result of taking steroids which may lead to deaths. Consumers have easy access to steroids as they are offered and sold in gymnasiums, pharmacies, clinics and through online sales in the social media.


Feet dragging over radioactive pendants


The Ministry of Health has finally and very belatedly come out with an announcement that the Quantum Pendant (Fusionexcel) and SE Pendant (Cosway) are highly radioactive and must be banned by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB). This announcement was made by the Minister of Health who said the matter had been discussed in the Cabinet last Friday.

Addiction to E-cigarettes among youth: Health Ministry must impose total ban


CAP is appalled with the finding that the use of e-cigarettes is becoming popular among the youths in Malaysia.

It is even more appalling that e-cigarettes are widely used by students.  This was revealed by a teacher from a secondary school in Penang who caught his students smoking e-cigarette.  The teacher handed over the e-cigarette to CAP and informed that approximately 60 students in his school smoke e-cigarettes.