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Best for transport, health and economic gains. The average daily cyclist has a fitness level of someone 10 years younger.
MYR 4.00

Breastfeeding makes your child more intelligent and protects your child against diseases.
MYR 4.00

Be an informed patient and protect yourself against medical errors. What are the unnecessary tests?
MYR 2.50

Cosmetics are the least regulated products and many contain cancer-causing chemicals.
MYR 4.00

Protect your health by learning how to avoid common toxic chemicals at home and at work. Learn about the environmental causes of cancer.
MYR 3.00

Over 300 chemicals are found in our bodies. Find out how you can reduce exposures.
MYR 6.00

Don't be fooled by cosmetic product claims. Learn about natural alternative cosmetics.
MYR 6.00

* 4,000 chemicals used * Only 25% of chemicals tested for toxicity * Migration into food through leaching (into liquids) and gas (into dry foods like rice or cereals) * Happens during cooking, processing, packaging and storage
MYR 5.00

Emotional well-being is central to our good health in today’s world where mental and physical diseases are linked to our inability to cope with the stresses of modern living.
MYR 19.00

Want to live long, healthy and strong, or avoid disease and premature death? It’s possible. There is a formula for a healthy life and it is summed up in one word: Exercise!
MYR 26.00

Looks at the ugly side of fashion and how it damages your physical health, besides creating impossible ideals that destroy your self-esteem and relationships.
MYR 6.00

Good gut health equals strong immune system. Fix your gut and you fix your health. Heal your gut and you’ll heal your entire body.
MYR 6.00

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