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Re-registration of commercial vehicles, a necessary hassle

Whether the re-registration exercise of commercial vehicles is a source of contention to transport operators or not it is vital to compile proper records which has hitherto been messy under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing board. The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) should go ahead as planned.

Carnage on the roads


Looking at the road fatalities over the last few days leading up to Hari Raya the scenario does not appear to have improved over the last year. The authorities have still not taken into consideration many of the recommendations made by CAP.

The average fatality rate for last year was 18 per day. However, from the road deaths reported over the last few days we have exceeded this figure. We can also expect to surpass the 6,872 total fatalities reported last year.

The appalling state of our commercial vehicles

Are our commercial vehicles really safe even after undergoing mandatory safety vehicle inspections? Recent media reports have cast doubts over safety inspections and exposed the appalling state of our commercial vehicles.

Strict safety measures needed for electric bicycles

CAP opines that as long as all necessary safety measures are strictly followed, a certain category of electric bicycles may be introduced in Malaysia.

There are many definitions and categories of electric bicycles and the laws in different countries differ accordingly. There are electric bicycles which are capable of attaining a top speed of 60Kph. Since they travel silently at such high speed and are inconspicuous to other motorists, they are dangerous for our road conditions.

Another wake up call for road safety

Malaysian transport authorities received another wake up call in the form of an express bus accident on Sunday. This is a clear indication such tragedies will continue unless serious measures are put into place without further delays and flip-flops.

As reported by the victims, the bus driver was speeding. This shows that bus drivers will continue to flout the law as long as nothing concrete is done. What happened to the plan to install speed limiting devices on express buses. The Malaysian Public has been waiting since 2007 for the enforcement of the Safety Health and Environment Code of Practice (SHE COP) for proper management of commercial vehicle drivers. Why did the authorities take so much time over it?