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Exercise against ageing

Ageing is more than just wrinkles on the face. Our bodies, too, change as we age — muscles shrink and lose mass; the heart muscle becomes less efficient at pumping blood; metabolic rate (how the body converts food into energy) slows; bones become less dense and more fragile; and joint flexibility decreases.

The result: obesity, raised cholesterol, arthritis and osteoporosis.  Obesity, in turn, may lead to heart disease, cancer and other diseases.  People generally don’t die of old age; we die from diseases.

Safe Bedding Practices for Infants

Babies can suffocate if they are made to sleep without making proper bedding arrangements.




Save water — and money

Our growing population, agricultural needs, inefficient appliances and sometimes inconsiderate consumer behaviour put pressure on our water supplies. Here are some tips on how you can conserve water — and save money.

The tricks that conmen use

In the local press you read another report about a new victim of the so-called "magic stone" that will cure all illnessess? You tell yourself you could never fall for a of a scam like that. Maybe not a victim of the "magic stone" scam but what about other types of cons?

Exercise against high blood pressure

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the wall of arteries. Your heart pumps blood around your body through a network of tubing called arteries. Every time your heart pumps it forces blood through these arteries and into smaller blood vessels called capillaries. The force that your heart produces in your arteries when it pumps is called your blood pressure.