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Sugar and diabetes

 sugar-and-diabetesAlthough the exact causes of diabetes are still not fully understood, excessive sugar consumption is known to indirectly play a role. A high sugar intake may not by itself cause diabetes, but it can be a major contributing factor to weight gain and obesity — factors that clearly promote diabetes.

Researchers around the world have come to the conclusion that the consumption of refined sugar is detrimental to the health of people without diabetes and disastrous for those with it.

Reply to IMR: Procedures NOT complied with in GM mosquitoes release!

Contrary to what Dr Lee Han Lim of IMR has written (‘GM mosquitoes: Procedure strictly complied with’ in The Sun, Feb. 6 ,, the GM Aedes mosquitoes release was riddled with non-compliance of international biosafety standards, non-transparency, lack of public accountability and lack of proper due process prior to the GM mosquito release. Moreover, recently revealed data shows that survival rate of the GM mosquitoes can be as high as 15%, not the mere 3% that Dr. Lee claims. 

Bank Negara's basic motor cover framework: What's wrong and what's the alternative

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) invited public comments on its proposed Third Party Bodily Injury and Death Benefits (TPBID) which is going to replace the third-party motor insurance. Below we reproduce the comments submitted to BNM by the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP).

Co-ops heading for trouble again?

5.9 Million Members and RM38 Billion Assets in Malaysian Cooperatives

Cooperatives have been in the country since 1922. In 2006 we had about 5,000 cooperatives with 5.9 million members and total assets of RM38.3 billion. That is a lot of assets and a lot of people involved, both of which give rise to concerns about the cooperative movement.